Astute Theory Platform

Onboard New Clients Easier

No matter your industry we all need a fast and effective way to onboard clients. The Astute Theory Platform does exactly that, be your industry leader!

Sending Bulk Emails

Send targeted emails to your clients based on tags and either send a templated email or make your own.

Filter Your Data

Easily filter your clients data and customise the information you need to see


Segment your clients with unlimited tags that then can form part of your marketing or communication plan. Use tags to also filter clients.

Link XERO/MYOB Customer

If you are already using XERO or MYOB and your client already exists inside your accounting software, you can automatically link your customer to your client in the Astute Theory Platform. So you have no doubling up or duplicate entries.

New Customer XERO/MYOB

If you are creating a brand new client in the Astute theory Platform you can push that data directly to XERO and MYOB and create the link that way.

Activity Structure

View all your activities that below to a particular client. You can adjust the activity type, naming convention and positioning

Activity Details

Enter and manage all the details that need to go into this activity. Create assignees, manage the activity status, timeframes and due dates

Document Storage

Directly link a document from one of our document integrations into the activity you are looking at.

Form Responses

Link all of your extra fields and responses directly to your activity

Saved Emails

Save relevant emails directly against an activity so you can reference it at a later date

Online Forms

Create unlimited online forms that are relevant to your business. Have dropdowns, free text, calculations, images. Essentially anything you need.

Online Forms Results

View all the form responses that are related to the client you are viewing.