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Bio Analytics

The process when looking to raise capital for a new start-up business with an innovative medical device.

The Right Investor

Working with some of Australia’s leading medical professionals we joined forces to find the right investors

When it comes to raising funds, it is not just about getting capital into the business. A key part of what the team at Astute Theory does is ensuring that we align the right investor with our client. Another element is ensuring that we have created the right company structures that allow for growth, expansion and protection for the founders.



Who should be work with

We were in a unique position with Bio Analytics as they were a start-up however, had some extremely well-known medical professionals that came together to create an alternative device inside of sleep apnoea.

So, our task was more than just to raise funds, we were looking for the right investor that had the right network to assist with further research, distribution and an eventual sale. By having the right team and structure getting funding offers was the easy part, selecting the right investor was the challenge.


Creating the right environment for investors

The Astute Theory team knew there were some key fundamentals that needed to be addressed. From the investor side they needed confidence that the board could deliver on the end product.

This was achieved by our level of expertise in Accounting and dealing with growing, maintaining and selling start-ups. By the Astute Theory accounting team being Chartered Accountants, this gave a high level of comfort that outlined budgets, projections and estimates were in line with expectations.



We need a positive outcome

The end result was a fully automation solution that was customised to the exact needs of the clients. They now have visibility across multiple departments and a clearer understanding of workload and pipelines. One of the key elements we always talk about is that no matter how good the software is there are two crucial factors that determine if a project of this size is going to be successful.

Factor One: Planning, it is was crucial that we weren’t just having workshops to have workshops. Each session needs to be aligned with key findings overlaid ensure that each department had a clear understanding on how their automation would affect other teams.

Factor Two: Company buy in. This is the most important factor, if there is no company buy in from staff to adopt change and a new way of doing things all that will be created are the same processes and procedures inside a newer looking solution.